Chameleon mugs

Chameleon mugs are a popular souvenir that will appeal to children, your loved ones, mother or grandmother, anyone who hasn't lost faith in a miracle and romance. The original design of the product creates the effect of the fabulous appearance on the surface of the original image when you pour hot liquid in it. The PrintSalon online store uses sublimation printing to create prints and applies all kinds of images to products for individual customer orders. The result is a magic mug with unforgettable inscriptions and drawings.

  • Black and white Chameleon mugs

Chameleon mugs - a gift with a surprise

Gift mugs with prints have become the most popular souvenirs. During their production, a sublimation printing device is used technologically. The images used do not fade and do not break during long life. Thanks to the excellent thermal properties, your favorite tea or coffee will remain hot for a long time. Such a cup is not only an original souvenir, but a practical and necessary thing.
Cup-chameleon with print is a surprise gift. Externally it looks like an ordinary glass of black color, without images and inscriptions. But it is worth pouring hot coffee or tea into it, immediately a little wonder happens. The outer wall of the product becomes transparent, and below it a printed image appears on the product, made to order. The handle does not change its color. After ceasing the effect of high temperature, the mug takes its original form - it becomes «radically» black.
On the PrintSalon website you can order a cup-chameleon decoration design with colorful prints at an affordable price.

Gift mug with an original print

The chameleon mugs offered by us as a basis for imaging are made of high-quality ceramics with a special coating. By sublimation printing, almost any full-color images, including photographs, can be applied to them. That is, the choice of prints is absolutely unlimited. The thematic sections of the site contain collections of drawings and inscriptions for every taste.

Using the service «Create your design» you can order product with own print. To do this, simply submit your sketches, drawings and photographs.

And that this product has long retained its attractive appearance, it is necessary to comply with simple rules of care, more about which you can read on the page of each product.

Buy online - faster, cheaper, more convenient

After drawing the image specified in the application, the product will be carefully packed and sent to you by mail to any locality in Poland: whether it be the capital, a major regional center or a small village. Logistics of goods is carried out through the chain of post offices.

The sale of goods from our catalog is conducted with observance of all the rights of the consumer. Complaints on quality are resolved by replacing the goods or returning money.

There is also the possibility of reducing the cost of the order:

  • participation in one of the shares of the site;
  • realization of wholesale purchase.

Using the services of the online store PrintSalon you will be able to evaluate all the advantages and comfortable terms of purchase online!