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Mugs 330ml

Mugs are a useful and necessary item of kitchen utensils. They can be useful both at home and at work in the office. The PrintSalon online store features glossy 330 ml mugs made from durable, high-quality ceramics. The products are decorated with bright original prints that are applied on modern equipment by sublimation. This type of printing provides not only accurate color, but also high image durability, so you can wash the dishes even in the dishwasher. A personalized printed circle is an opportunity for everyone to highlight their individuality both at home and in the office!


Mug with print is not just tea and coffee utensils

Thanks to modern photo printing technologies for ceramics, glass and other materials, the mug has ceased to be just one of the usual kitchen accessories. Decorating made these dishes one of the most original and popular gifts. The subject of imprints can be very different. Your girlfriend likes TV series - give her a 330 ml mug with a theme image. The event is planned for a friend's birthday - order a product with a funny inscription for him. You want to improve your body to perfection - a mug of coffee with the image of strong equipment will encourage you to the next visit to the gym.
Donated to a close friend, colleague or close friend, a mug with an unusual print will highlight your attention to their inner world and life preferences. Pouring tea or coffee into this dish, the person who has received such a gift will remember you with a grateful smile.
To buy these products today is not a problem! But considering the large circulation of such goods, you can buy non-original goods. We recommend using the services of the PrintSalon online store. Here you can order products with an exclusive design at a very attractive price. And it does not matter to us whether you are in the Polish capital or in any other city.

Section «Custom design» - for people with creative potential

Your choice is not limited to the images presented in our thematic sections. Using the service «Custom design» you can buy gift products with a print of own drawing or inscription on order. Their basis can be your sketches or the oral wishes voiced to our designers. The section «Designer» will help you visually evaluate the proposed version of the decoration. If necessary, you will be able to make corrections, both to a large-scale and color solution of the decor element.

Decoration elements are applied by the thermal transfer method. These cups do not require special care and do not lose their consumer characteristics. You can wash this dish not only by hand, but also in the dishwasher. Imagine what original and affordable gifts you can order from our online store for your friends and acquaintances. Orders are carried out remotely, using modern means of communication, and the goods will be delivered by post.

Online shopping with a guarantee of compliance with all consumer rights

Our logistics systems include a network of post offices. It gives the opportunity to quickly send goods to any region of Poland. In addition, the cost of transport services is quite democratic. There is a possibility of addressing a courier parcel. In this case, the package with the purchase will be delivered directly to the door of the house or office. The convenient date of the meeting will be agreed in advance.
During the period of promotion and sales, the costs of goods with prints decreased significantly. Subscribing to newsletters will provide you with up-to-date information on all promotional activities on the site. The price of wholesale orders and collective applications is calculated using a flexible rebate system.
Buying gift mugs with prints in the PrintSalon online store, you get a guarantee of compliance with all consumer rights, saving not only time, but money!