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Mugs 330ml name & number


Mug with a print is a perfect gift

The modern vessel impresses with a variety of shapes, shades and design. In each house there are ceramic cups of various shapes, with original handles, pictures and funny inscriptions. No matter how many mugs are on the shelf, when you want to drink tea, milk or coffee, choose your favorite one with a picture.

People prefer products made of natural raw materials, because such mugs are completely safe for health, keep the temperature of the drink longer, emphasize its taste and aroma. The images on the dishes improve the mood, cheer up and evoke positive emotions. Therefore, such a gift will be received with joy and gratitude.

A ceramic mug with a print is given as a Christmas gift or simply as a token of respect. Don't worry that your friend or relative already has mugs, a new one never hurts. To surprise a person, order a gift on the PrintSalon online store website. For several years we have specialized in printing pictures and we know how to satisfy the most demanding customers. Our catalog contains many products and images, so you will surely find a unique option among them.

Tea tastes better with prints by PrintSalon

The practical thing with a print is always fun, especially if it is a ceramic mug. Filled with the positive energy of nature, it will decorate the interior of the kitchen and become an opportunity to invite friends for tea. You will feel more comfortable even at work with such a mug. On the side there are cups with a capacity of 330 and 450 ml. They stand out:

  • classic cylindrical shape;
  • snow-white glazed surface;
  • unique and durable prints;
  • low price.

Thanks to the development of technology, black and white and color images can be marked on the surface of products, preserving all shades and details. The PrintSalon catalog contains pictures on many interesting topics. We will print any pictures, inscriptions on request, for example: name, hobby, hometown or year of birth.

All prints convey some information, connecting dreams and reality. The names, numbers and surnames on the mugs are a real person dossier. They will arouse extraordinary interest, free the interlocutor from questions about your personal qualities, and remind friends of how old you are.

To create your own print with a name or number, add a photo or picture, use the "Create your design" application. Select a model, upload a picture, create an inscription in a text editor and decide on their location on the product. Then send the goods to the Shopping Cart, and PrintSalon specialists quickly perform the printing of any complexity.

We approach each client with care, we accept orders from all regions of Poland 24 hours a day. With purchases for over 150 PLN and with 100% prepayment, delivery will be free even to the most distant place in the country. Choose a ceramic mug on the PrintSalon website and enjoy a pleasant tea with your relatives.