Blue men's t-shirts


Blue - the actual color in the men's wardrobe

Men are not conservatives as they are usually considered. They also love to change and follow fashion. If you're tired of with imposed "typically male" colors in your wardrobe, it's time to think about shades in which you can dilute banal black, gray and brown.

We offer to pay attention to the options of blue color. What do we know about him?

Who does the blue suit?

First, brave eye owners of the same color. Against the background of light blue clothing, the face with blue eyes immediately becomes even more expressive. The classic palette of dark tones cannot shade the look as well as azure.

Secondly, followers of the strict dress code. Universal light blue will be a good alternative to gray or blue, but at the same time will refresh the overall impression.

This color looks good on men, regardless of age, hair color and skin tone. Unless for a guy with red hair it is better to emphasize red, burgundy, green and brown shades.

5 reasons why the PrintSalon online store recommends buying men's shirts in blue shades:

  • blue harmonizes with almost any color. Your new item will perfectly match black and white, beige, brown, yellow, green and gray outfits;
  • each wardrobe has a pair of blue jeans. In combination with an elegant polo or a matching V-neck model, we get a reliable combination;
  • blue can be restrained and modest, and can become bright, bold, reckless. Therefore, T-shirts of this color are equally suitable in the office, restaurant, auditorium, on a walk and beach party;
  • blue has many shades, so representatives of any type of beauty can easily choose the right shade. Note that when ordering clothes with print from PrintSalon, you can choose not only a picture, but also the color of the base. The application "Create your design" will help you place an order for printing and specify all parameters of the future product (size, color, scale and print area);
  • blue - the color of nature and air, symbolizes openness, confidence, dreams. For a boy, a classic T-shirt in a light blue shade will help to make a good impression on the first date, for a man - add a bit of romance to the look.

According to psychologists, the use of blue in everyday wardrobe allows you to look fresh, unusual, radiate confidence and peace.

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