Men's pants lungs

Sweatpants are an indispensable element of men's wardrobe. They are used as sports, home, hiking, and even casual clothes. PrintSalon's men's pants lungs are made from natural cotton with polyester added. They are distinguished by inside pockets, an elasticated belt and original prints. The company uses state-of-the-art printing technology to apply drawings with inscriptions on products to order by the consumer. The catalog of the online store contains various types of images that effectively emphasize individuality and inspire new achievements.


Men's pants lungs with print

Men - lovers of sports lifestyle and clothes - know how to choose the right summer wardrobe. To spend time in comfort, it is better to buy not only shorts, but also light sports pants. They differ from knitted seasonal models in sewn from natural fabrics in which it is not hot.The PrintSalon online store offers men's pants with an elastic band that are perfect for recreation and sport. No less comfortable than militias, they will be suitable for both the gym and a trip. Are you looking for jogging or fitness pants? Products presented on this page will be the best choice in this case. 

What sweatpants are best to wear in the summer?

Whether it will be comfortable for you to spend summer days in one or another clothing depends primarily on the material from which it is made. Cotton is an absolute favorite amongst clothes suitable for hot weather. Advantages of fabric:
  • provides air access, or are "thermoactive"; 
  • perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly;
  • does not leave skin irritations;
  • soft, elastic, suitable for sewing clothes of different styles;
  • produced in a sufficient assortment in Poland and other European and world countries. This provides a huge selection at an affordable price.
Among the advantages, cotton has one major disadvantage. It wrinkles very much and may shrink after the first wash. To fix it, it is needed to add a small amount of synthetic fabric - polyester. The permissible ratio is no more than 25% artificial fibers for 75% natural.
The effect will exceeds expectations. Clothing made of poly-cotton, including men's pants, presented on this page do not wrinkle, do not fade, do not shrink after washing in water to 40 degrees. Light summer clothes for all ages are sewn from this material.
The second factor to consider when looking for summer pants is color. Remember that dark colors heat up faster, which means that they can also "warm up" you. For the hottest weather, we recommend choosing men's pants in light pastel colors (white, gray, beige). On cool days, moderate and dark colors are more suitable. The PrintSalon catalog contains both light and dark colors, because here you can pick up things for any occasion and weather.

"I want it to be beautiful!"

If you do not want to bother with the problem of choice, it is easier to place an order for two pairs of summer pants offered by the PrintSalon online store. Price and quality will never make you regret this purchase. So that the models do not repeat, choose a different decor for them.
On men's pants lungs the print is on one leg, at the top, around the thigh. The neat image is not very conspicuous, but effectively weakens the traditional simple figure. It can be a cartoon face, funny inscription, sports symbols and much more.
For individual orders, we recommend using the application "Create your design". Send photos for printing, wishes, choose color and print area. We will do everything to make you wear it with pleasure.
Choose men's sweatpants with prints in the PrintSalon online store and enjoy the comfort!