Urban backpacks

Urban backpack is a practical and versatile accessory. PrintSalon online store has models made from high-quality, dense Cordura with suede inserts, and decorated with original prints. These products are relevant for both men and women. The application of images and labels is carried out by thermal transfer printing using flex-film, which ensures maximum reliability and durability of the finished product. City backpack with a print - a good choice for every occasion!


Urban backpack with an inscription - an accessory for stylish personalities

Wallets, clutches and bags are not always easy to use. Although, these things are always in sight, in some cases they bother to pay for a bus ticket or hold an umbrella. If you want your hands to be as free as possible, and the straps do not rub, it's better to buy a city backpack. Stylish and bold personality tries to express its individuality, even from such an ordinary subject: looking at a product not only of good quality, but also with an original print. Where can you buy this item?

To buy a good product, many are sent to boutiques. There you can find a bag of your dreams for a tidy sum, but it's better not to expect an exclusive one. If you plan to really surprise friends and others, using print to tell about your beliefs and talents, look in PrintSalon. Here you can choose in a few minutes a good backpack of cordura and suede.

How to choose an image for printing?

Our website presents products with ready-made designs. If you are planning to order an exclusive, you can create an illustration that will decorate your purchase. It is enough to upload a caricature to the «Create your design» page and place it on the backpack layout. To do this, you need any gadget: tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.

What can you put on the bag?

  • Emoticons and various sketches of humorous objects.
  • Steep cars of various models that can be photographed on the street. The picture is easy to move to the bag and place an order.
  • If you are doing handicrafts, repairing cars or simply selling vegetables from your own garden, you simply need to order a backpack with a suitable image and even add a phone number for communication. You will notice how sales will increase substantially!
  • If you do not know what to give a friend for a birthday or another holiday, then the product with a print will be an excellent option. The main thing is to find a suitable illustration that will cause a lot of positive emotions on the birthday man.

On the subject, it is problem-free to put an inscription, for example, «I'm a cool doctor», «I'm looking for a rich husband without bad habits», «Give me a car», etc. Using the functionality of the site PrintSalon you successfully print a few lines directly on the product layout. Your imagination is unlimited!

PrintSalon - quality and reasonable prices

Despite the democratic value, you will get high-quality products. Our backpack is suitable not only for the city, but also in the countryside. And if you love riding a bike or moped, it's just irreplaceable. With PrintSalon you will not only receive an excellent product, but also express your individuality.

Do not worry that the print will quickly fade under the ultraviolet rays of the sun. We use only certified paints, so they do not fade, and the colored part of the fabric does not crack from the temperature drops. The thing itself does not get wet, it is strong, the fabric does not wear off, the straps are wide and fit comfortably on the shoulders. The object is great for travel and sports, designed for 20 liters.

You will be satisfied not only with your purchase, but also with the final cost. We offer discounts and promotions, thanks to which you will easily save a substantial amount. PrintSalon - an online store of real exclusives for an adequate price!