Urban backpacks names


A personalized backpack is an accessory for stylish people

The urban backpack is comfortable to use, spacious enough and looks beautiful from the side. That is why many, regardless of age, choose this type of bag. Of course, a simple thing looks boring and unrepresentative, so it's best to buy a printed product. If the drawings and caricatures do not impress you, you can make personalized product, that is, use your name as a print. Where can you find something like this?

Boutiques have a large range of products, but it will be very difficult to choose the right new item with your name. If you don't like standard inscriptions, it's better to look at the PrintSalon online store. Here you will not only buy a solid bag, but you can create your own unique print for it.

PrintSalon - the online store of your wishes

When browsing the catalog pages, you can see that the prices of high quality products are quite moderate. Don't think that you will have to overpay for an item with an exclusive print. What's more, you can save if you put another product with the same print in the basket. It can be any product from our catalog: mug, hoodie, pillow and more.

How to make an exclusive item in a few minutes? Using the application "Create your design"!

  1. You can use ready-made images, complementing them with various clipart, symbols and signs. Customize letter color, font, line layout and more. Add different symbols to get an interesting picture. All image elements can be easily combined, moved, enlarged or reduced.
  2. Upload a picture and create something unique so that you won't find the resulting illustration among friends or on sale. Simple and convenient functionality of the website allows not only to successfully complete the image, but also to create your own "business card".

It's easy to make your dreams come true with PrintSalon. A custom-made backpack is not only convenient to use, this exclusive item is your own creation!

PrintSalon - a guarantee of quality and stylish service

In the PrintSalon online store you will receive an amazing product because all the bags are sewn with high quality cordura and suede. These materials do not get wet and are durable. Zippers, straps and lining - everything works without any flaws.

Pictures are extremely resistant to sunlight and water. They do not crack due to sudden temperature changes. We use only certified paints in which there are no substances hazardous to health.

In addition to city backpacks, we also recommend paying attention to men's, women's and children's T-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, sweatshirts, baseball caps. Buy the necessary products for personal use or as a holiday gift. For several days in any city in Poland you will receive a package at the indicated post office.

PrintSalon - an online store for stylish people!