Vinyl sticker - an original element of the decor, with which you can decorate not only the car, but even furniture, walls, windows at home and in the office. High-quality self-adhesive base is easily applied to the surface, and, if necessary, is also easily removed. The catalog of online store PrintSalon contains stickers with original images and inscriptions of various types and thematic areas. This is an easy and inexpensive way to express yourself!


Vinyl stickers - an effective element of car tuning

One of the options for car tuning is a vinyl applique. In addition to decorative functions, stickers can communicate to the people around the various kinds of information. Special signs warn that there is a small child in the car, the letter «L» informs the road users about the novice driver, etc. In the environment of car owners are very popular car stickers with prints in the form of playful drawings and inscriptions. With their help, you can express your attitude to various events, highlight your sense of humor or optimism of life. Patriots decorate their "iron horses" with stickers with elements of state symbols, and you can recognize the car of the football fan after the emblem of your favorite team.

With vinyl applications, you can "mask" minor damage to the car paint, chips on the windshield or abrasion of plastic parts of the body. If you want to buy car stickers with prints, we recommend using the PrintSalon online store. Here you can buy the right products in any city in Poland. We manufacture stickers of any complexity at the most affordable prices and send to a specific region.

Author's stickers for car

In the thematic sections of the site you can see the collection of prints developed by our designers. And using the service «Custom design», it's easy to order decor elements with author's drawings and inscriptions. The sketches provided by you we will bring to perfection and will present for consideration several variants of their large-scale and color solution.

The films we use are not afraid of atmospheric precipitation, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays and chemicals. If you subsequently need to remove the applied decorative element, there will be no traces on the paint or plastic coating.

We guarantee perfect quality of products

Your order will be processed and delivered by mail in the shortest possible time. You can choose delivery by courier. In this case, the goods will be delivered directly to your home or office.
When shopping at the PrintSalon online store, you do not take any chances. We guarantee full compliance with all consumer rights. In the case of quality claims, the goods will be replaced or prepayment will be refunded. When registering a collective application or purchasing a wholesale batch of products, the sale of some goods with imprints takes place with significant rebates.
Representatives of various car clubs and tuning shops willingly use the services of the PrintSalon online store, and in their reviews give our products the highest rating.