Backpack with front pocket

A backpack with a front pocket is a fashionable youth accessory that is suitable for walking or as a school bag. PrintSalon online store offers stylish and original multi-colored backpacks with inscriptions and pictures of different types and thematic areas. Such products fit perfectly into everyday style, and the front pocket with a zipper makes them even more convenient to use. Image printing is performed on modern equipment using high-quality certified materials, which ensures their durability. A fashionable backpack with a bright print is a great way to stay trandy without sacrificing comfort.


How to choose a high-quality backpack with an original design

Backpacks are different. Humanity has long understood that carrying a load on the back is more convenient and simpler, which is why they came up with a wide range of devices: from backpacks-bags with strings to miniature luxury models made of rare animal leather. They all differ from each other for many criteria:
  • production material;
  • price;
  • design and colors;
  • internal and external ergonomics (presence of pockets and compartments);
  • size;
  • type of fastening (zip, snap, strings, buttons);
  • back and straps configuration.
But the most important thing is where to start searching for the right backpack - its purpose. Answer the question: "Why do i need this accessory?"

Each backpack has its own purpose

Understanding where you are going with your bag on your back is very important. Tourist models are absolutely not suitable for walks in the park, and with a city backpack you risk serious injuries when hiking in the mountains. Backpacks with orthopedic backs intended for children belong to the category of school supplies, and soft and light items made of plush, textile, knitted fabrics resemble toys and are barely suitable for carrying something heavy.
If you are looking for backpacks with pockets with which it is convenient to go to school, work, for a walk around the city or use them as hand luggage for a trip, then most likely the urban option will suit you. It is just as comfortable as the sports one, but it differs in medium capacity and brighter design.

Backpack with print - it's convenient and actual

Casual urban backpacks are essential for adults and children because they outweigh the functionality of ordinary bags. This page of the PrintSalon website presents stylish multi-colored models with a front pocket, which will be suitable as both school and youth accessories.
Here are just some of their advantages:
  • reduce the load on the spine, help maintain posture, free your hands;
  • have good capacity;
  • have an external and internal pocket;
  • they are lightweight, resistant to pollution and extreme temperatures, waterproof - all these properties are provided by 600D polyester;
  • they are easy to machine wash, strong and durable.
Backpacks practically do not go out of fashion, but bags change from season to season, and sometimes quite radically. Buy one backpack, it will be much cheaper than buying 4-5 bags for different needs.
The main argument of opponents of backpack-bags is: "They are not beautiful!" PrintSalon online store has found a solution, and now we have an elegant selection of urban models with a zipper with the most amazing design. The entire gallery of prints presented in the catalog is used in printing, and the products themselves are offered in popular colors. Universal black, feminine beige, extreme red and deep blue - are available to order at any time of the day.
Choose the original print, and nowhere else in Poland you will not find a second backpack like yours, because we offer really original models, pictures for every taste, topic and sense of humor. If you decide to design a backpack-bag yourself, use the special application "Create your design", and we will produce a unique product. Order processing and delivery in Poland takes place in the shortest possible time.
No load will be heavy using the PrintSalon backpack. Set out on the road with the original accessory!