A backpack made in the form of a bag is a practical and original accessory with which it is convenient to make purchases, go for walks, trainings and even mini-hikes. PrintSalon online store presents bags made of white gabardine and decorated with bright prints of various thematic areas. For drawing pictures and inscriptions sublimation type of printing is used. Accessories are distinguished by high quality, durability and practicality. Print backpack bag is a great way to feel comfortable and confident in any situation!


Comfortable, light and practical backpacks-bags with original prints

When you need to take a small amount of things with you and at the same time leave your hands free, practical rucksacks-bags come to the aid of a modern person. They are simply irreplaceable for travelers.

In addition, the online store PrintSalon offers a wide range of different prints, with which you can easily give ordinary things a unique style. The site features products with logos of football clubs, images of various sports, popular personalities, cartoon heroes and so on. At the same time, anyone can not only pick up the finished product from the catalog, but also edit the available options at their own discretion or create a design completely with their own hands.

In the special section «Create your design», following simple prompts, it is easy to arrange a backpack with your own drawing. In this case, do not be limited to one product. After all, there are many useful things in the catalog. From them you can collect original and stylish sets to your taste. For example, a stylish bag, a sweatshirt, a T-shirt, a hat and a cover for a smartphone with the same picture. Moreover, when making an order, the buyer independently determines the size and location of the image.

Quality and durability of printed backpacks-bags

To transfer images to the tissue base, the latest equipment, high-quality materials and printing technologies are used.

Backpacks-bags are made of gabardine - strong, wear-resistant and non-perming material, ideal for sublimation printing. The resulting print does not burn out under the influence of sunlight, does not crack and does not exfoliate from the surface when washing. Observance of the elementary rules of taking care of things with a picture, allows maximizing their service life:

  • manual or delicate washing at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees;
  • drying in natural conditions without the use of drum spin;
  • the use of aggressive detergents and bleaches is prohibited.

Following these recommendations, the buyer will be able to keep the new clothes clean and for a long time to rejoice in its attractiveness.

Advantages of the order in the PrintSalon online store

Where else will there be an offer of several thousand stylish prints for popular products, and even more so, the opportunity to purchase a thing of your own design? High quality, attractive system of discounts, convenient methods of payment and delivery of goods are the main advantages of the store. The addressee will receive the order as soon as possible in any locality in Poland.

Forget about uncomfortable, unreliable and similar packs that hold hands! Order stylish backpacks-bags in the store PrintSalon - show your individuality and originality!