A pillow with a print is a practical accessory that can be used not only for sleeping and relaxing, but also as a decorative element of the interior. The catalog of online store PrintSalon presents satin pillows of white color of 45x45 cm in size with a padding polyester. Thanks to the possibilities of sublimation type of printing, a print of any complexity can be applied to the products. Such an original accessory can decorate not only the room, but even the car interior!


Decorative pillows with a picture - decoration for the house

Fashion, as a rule, concerns not only clothes, but also all spheres of life. There is a fashion for a hairstyle, for a car brand. Also, fashion dictates its own terms regarding interior design. If you want your room to meet modern trends, it's worth paying attention to the details.

In the house of each person there are pillows. They can act as a mandatory subject in the bedroom or simply serve as a living room design element. Cool cushion with the author's print will be different from what is presented today in the market and will serve as an excellent gift. On our site in the section «Create your design» you can upload any photo, even a portrait of the birthday person, to whom the present is intended. Or, for example, you can select prints that are presented in the PrintSalon catalogs.

Incredibly beautiful goods in a single copy are available to residents of all regions

To pick up a pillow, first, you need to decide what will be depicted on it. 

If you know about the hobby of the person you want to give a gift, just go to one of the categories and choose one of the presented. For example, it could be a Sport or Driver category. There are many examples of prints that are unified by a specific topic.
You can choose a stylish pillow for your friend related to his profession or preferences. After all, sport and cars are not even a hobby, it is a lifestyle, a worldview. Printing on products is available at a reasonable price. In the shortest time you will receive the right thing with delivery to any city, regardless of the region of Poland.

A simple and affordable online order of useful products with prints

The cost of pillows, which are presented on our website - this is one of the advantages of buying. However, the main thing is that all products are made of high-quality materials that will last for more than one year.

The ability to purchase pillows with a pattern will be of interest to those who want to decorate their house with stylish trifles. Any print can be used as a print, both from those that are presented on the site, and a personal sketch. We gladly fulfill individual orders.

In addition, a pillow with a special pattern will perfectly complement the child's child. Use to decorate the goods the image of your favorite hero, whether it's Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ninja Turtles or SpongeBob. The child will be delighted with such a birthday present.

Give a holiday not only to the child, but to yourself, because the happiness of parents is the smile of their children. PrintSalon will help realize a small dream of both children and adults!