Men's polo shirts

Polo T-shirt is a stylish and practical element of men's wardrobe, which adds a touch of elegance to a sports or casual look. PrintSalon online polo made from 100% cotton is presented in a wide color palette - for every taste. Prints of any complexity can be applied to the products, and their size will depend on the print area. Thermal transfer and direct image transfer methods provide high-quality results. A polo shirt will be equally appropriate for a walk in the park and on the golf course!


Polo shirts know no age!

The best men's polo style looks sporty and elegant. Once traditional golf, tennis and polo costumes have gone unnoticed from this sport to their everyday wardrobe and they have rooted well there. Now such things are eagerly worn as basic clothing, complementing the image with stylish accessories. Well-known designers experiment in every possible way with forms, materials and prints on T-shirts, which are designed to make your painting vivid and unforgettable.

Polo is stylishly combined with jeans and moccasins, with thin trousers and espadrilles, and also with a good mood and a beautiful smile! In our online store you are waiting for quality men's T-shirts in the style of Basic with original prints of popular themes, fresh ideas and an individual approach.

Recently, these T-shirts have become increasingly popular. It's not surprising, this is a very stylish thing - a winning version of the basic clothes in the wardrobe of men of all ages. In this case, black and white polos with print are appropriate in almost any situation: for walking in the park, for a picnic, going to a cafe or a democratic restaurant and even for the office, if this does not contradict the corporate ethics and dress code of your company.

Maximum comfort and quality - this is how you can describe t-shirts that we create with love and soul for you! All goods are produced in Belgium with 100% cotton yarn (single jersey), they fit well with the figure, they are comfortable, practical and flexible. The imprint is applied with a special, flexible film of the highest quality. In our work, we use only high quality materials, which allows us to prolong product life and save money. The applied prints do not burn out, do not come off, do not break and do not shed even after repeated washing! With the right care T-shirt will enjoy you and last for many years.

Our prices are the real deal!

It should be remembered that really high-quality goods can not be met all the time. The cheap cost of a T-shirt or any other product is a clear sign of inferiority and poor quality. In order not to be ashamed and give your friends, colleagues and loved ones a decent gift that will be able to show others, shop at the PrintSalon online store. Here you will find stylish T-shirts with long and short sleeves, hoodies, caps and other products for every occasion. At the same time we have it cheaper than in conventional markets.

If you choose an original polo, you can use existing pattern templates or offer your unique design in the «Create your design» section and choose the color of the base of the T-shirt and the picture itself, determine the size of the print, or buy the product without the image at all. The dimensional grid will help you to clearly define the dimensions of the product. The order will be manufactured and delivered to any region of Poland as soon as possible.

Pleasant shopping!