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Use the Product Wizard from PrintSalon - matters,
make your purchases special!


Create a product with your own design - nothing is easier! Convenient Product Creator from PrintSalon allows you to design a unique online item. It can be a stylish item of clothing or a headgear, as well as a useful accessory, whose design can be easily applied with an exclusive print in the application. Such a new thing will allow you to show your creative potential, accentuate style and personality, convey to the necessary message and even promote your own brand.

Regardless of what goals the buyer realizes: whether he is looking for a gift for a loved one, whether he wants to replace the original with a new clothing, or is in search of interesting ideas to promote his brand - everyone will be able to choose something in the PrintSalon online store appropriate.

The products include:

  • T-shirts of different styles and sleeveless shirts;
  • napolitos with a hood and sweatshirts;
  • hats and baseball caps in various styles;
  • various ceramic mugs - white, bicolor, with spoons, chameleons;
  • bags and backpacks;
  • pillows, mouse pads, vinyl stickers and much more.

The catalog includes over 30 types of products and thousands of variants of ready-made prints.

At absolutely competitive prices, the store offers its customers high quality goods. For example, the shirts of the Belgian manufacturer are made of a natural cotton fabric that does not stretch and fade without a rope. Prints printed on high-tech equipment, do not break, do not lose color and line sharpness. All items of clothing, as well as accessories, dishes and other products from the catalog, provided proper care, retain their original appearance for a long time, thereby delighting their owners.


Everyone can realize their own ideas

The convenient and intuitive interface makes the Product Wizard as easy to use as possible. To create the desired project in this application, you do not need any special knowledge or skills. Everything you need to achieve the desired result - just a bit of fantasy and a few simple steps.

1. From the options presented, select the base - the product on which the imprint will be applied.

2. Set the base color - if this option is available for a specific type of product.

3. Then we design the printing itself. To do this, you can load your photo or image in the appropriate format, choose a ready print from the site directory, create a string in a special text editor of the "Wizard" application

4. When all layers have been applied to the project, specify their size and location. At the same time, individual elements can be removed and replaced with others. Each action will be displayed online in the preview window.

5. Once the desired result has been achieved, send the order to the Basket and arrange the purchase.

That's all! As they say, all genius are simple! At the same time, the product creator program from PrintSalon has important advantages and allows:

create subtitles of different styles and sizes, independently selecting the font, size of characters;

change the size and location of all elements of the print;

browse online and evaluate the results of each activity and, if necessary, make quick changes;

quickly change the type and color of the base;

impose any overprints from the catalog;

load your own drawings and photos in various formats.

To get an interesting and original thing, you do not have to have unlimited financial possibilities or a special taste and talents of the designer. It's enough to have an imagination and some free time in the store. All the rest will be done by the Creator of goods from PrintSalon.

Products with original prints - a simple, inexpensive and effective solution

Thanks to a bright and stylish print, it's easy to express yourself or make an original Christmas surprise for everyone: relatives, friends, loved one, teachers and colleagues. All you need to do is find a themed photo, add a special text, use Kreator to put them on the right product - and the gift "with the soul" is ready. It remains to make a purchase and wait for the package with your exclusive order.

However, that's not all! This application from PrintSalon opens wide possibilities for corporate clients, allowing to create brand uniforms and promotional products. Among many products, it is easy to choose those on which the company logo, emblem or slogan will look the most expressive. Your individual order will be processed in the shortest possible time and delivered to Warsaw or any point in Poland.


Make your life brighter, and make your clothes special with the "Creator of goods" in the PrintSalon online store.

And do not forget to surprise and delight your friends with unique gifts!