Baby bibs

Bib is an almost indispensable baby accessory that allows you to protect your baby's clothes from unwanted contaminants during feeding. The PrintSalon online store presents original products for children with prints made of double-layer fabric with rivet fasteners. Pictures and inscriptions are applied by sublimation printing using certified eco-friendly materials that are absolutely safe even for babies. Printed bib - the choice of neat and stylish kids and their advanced parents.


Stylish baby bibs with prints - developing good taste from infancy

Children - continuation of parents. If mom and dad are sticking to a particular style in clothes, they prefer bright and unusual things, they will certainly try to dress their children in the same way.
The baby bib is a constant attribute of every child's wardrobe. This accessory adorns the breast of the youngest fashion lovers, regardless of what is worn under it. PrintSalon offers an assortment of bibs with all kinds of prints. With their help the child will become a football fan, show the world his name, age, gender and so on.
The most stylish and original parents collect entire family sets. Because in our online store you can order any product with an attractive image, for example: T-shirt, hat or pillow. By applying a similar print on the bib or body, your child will be with you on the same topic and you can get a discount when ordering two or more items with the same pattern.
If you have your own ideas about what should be presented on your child's bib, or you just want to show your design skills and create a unique image, the PrintSalon online store offers this opportunity. For the most demanding and original buyers there is a special section on the website - "Create your design".
All you need is a few mouse clicks to create a cool and stylish bib that your child will like and emphasize the parents' originality. All you need is to load your own sketch on the page, choose its size and position on the base.

Bright, colorful and durable print

The procedure of transferring the picture to the base takes place using innovative modern equipment. The use of high-quality consumables, as well as sublimation printing, allows you to get colorful images that remain attractive even as a result of repeated washing, which is currently extremely important for baby bibs. Such a print does not detach from the base and does not break, so for a long time will please its owners.
Prints are applied to a high quality double-layer base consisting of polyester. All materials used to create products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and completely safe for children.

Features of the order in the PrintSalon online store

The PrintSalon online store is loved and popular among customers all over Poland, because the widest range and first-class service can satisfy even the most demanding customers. There is a huge selection of ready-made images for printing, and there is also the possibility of buying an exclusive product with your own design. First-class quality, tempting loyalty system, convenient payment methods and delivery are the main advantages of PrintSalon.
Cooperation with popular payment systems allows to make the payment process as comfortable as possible for the buyers. The delivery is carried out in all regions of Poland by the country's leading postal services.
Attach children to beauty from infancy! Choose a stylish print or order your own for print on bibs or other products. The company PrintSalon is ready to execute any of your orders!